An Edgy After The Wedding Session | Connection Portraits

I love to photograph…love. I love the capturing the connection, that irreplaceable and unique relationship that each couple shares that is so special and only belongs to them. It never gets old, and it never makes me stop swooning. Love is so beautiful.

For those of you who follow my work, you know that I am smack in the middle of rebranding from “The Modern Lens” to “Tiffany Farley”. A major decision as part of this rebranding, was narrowing my focus on what I really wanted to photograph. I had slowly become the ‘jack of all trades’ and was photographing anything that came my way. I feel like that was a good way to start out, as I now am confident in knowing what I love to photograph, and more importantly what I don’t.

So. ( Deep Breath )

With the launch of the new brand, I will no longer be booking weddings. I will, however, be booking sessions like you will see here today. After the Wedding sessions. Each After The Wedding Session will still have the connection portrait approach. After all, how can one celebrate the irreplaceable moments and relationships in a woman’s life, and bypass one of her happiest days and most important relationships?

For those who may be unfamiliar with this type of session, it is an additional wedding session that takes place a few days to a few years after one’s wedding. It is a chance to put the wedding dress on, or be more creative and do something you didn’t get to do on your actual wedding day. There are many reasons why these sessions are so popular. Practically, perhaps you didn’t like your wedding photos. Maybe you spent thousands of dollars on your wedding dress, and HATED your pictures. Maybe you and your husband lost weight, or perhaps there were major time or weather constraints on your actual wedding day.

My favorite favorite FAVORITE part of a wedding is the bride and groom portraits. On the day of the wedding, you are on a time line and there isn’t always time to create the wedding portraits you dream about. Maybe you have always dreamed of sunset wedding photographs, but your wedding needed to be at 10am because of the venue availability. Perhaps you were married in the dead of winter and were forced to have portraits inside the church, when you dreamt of being barefoot outside.

All of these reasons are why many photographers offer these sessions.

But here is my heart.

My passion is capture your connection as a married couple. For loved ones to look at your portraits hanging on the wall of your home, and not just see a beautiful photograph, but to be able to say, “Oh that is sooo you!”

These sessions are for the dreamers. For the bride who goes on Pinterest and swoons over her dream bridal session. For the couples who have been through hell and back and are STILL standing. For the bride who wants as many photographs in her dream dress as possible. And for the groom who loves her so much that he will do it all again….for her. An intimate styled session where the stress of the big day is over, and you can just be. Portraits just that capture you just as you are. In love.

Over the next month, you will see a few examples of these type of sessions. Maybe you will find your own heart stirring and begin planning your own. Perhaps, this is exactly what you need.

Today on the blog, I feature two people who have been through much. They have faced trials, and through grace have overcome. They celebrated five years of marriage this spring, and have two gorgeous little girls. This was their anniversary gift to each other. A reminder of redemption and how God keeps what he puts together.  A celebration of their love and their commitment, and a toast to their future.

Friends, meet Mike and Lindsey.

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