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the 2014 product guide | the tangible portrait experience

This year I made the big change from just giving clients digital files, to creating a beautiful tangible portrait experience. If I have learned anything in the past couple years, it is to build your business on what is important to you. From who you work with, what you photograph, to how those images are […]


why I don’t do it that way anymore

I am coming down off of a roller coaster ride of a week. Although traveling was involved, the roller coaster I refer to has nothing to do with my schedule and everything to do with one exhausting word. d o u b t. Ever doubt your every decision? Ever start to lose sight of what […]


Hashtag: Things you don’t Facebook

Last week I tuned into photographer Sue Bryce and her Creative Live broadcast from WPPI. If she is teaching and that is available to me, I do everything in my power to drop everything and soak it up. Not because she is a glamour photographer, but because when it comes to business, branding, and marketing […]