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I decided to start a new series here on the blog that features creative and beautiful ways to showcase your photographs in your home. It’s time to get out of the mindset of simply framing 5×7’s on a bookshelf. There are so many wonderful ideas out there!

Take today’s feature for example. I absolutely fell in love with this concept. The Signature Heirloom Folio that I offer includes ten matted portraits that would be perfect for this display!

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I came across this image when I was reading one of my favorite photography resource blogs, Market by Kara Layne.

Things I love about this display:

* The photographs are matted. Nothing screams Fine Art like a stunning matted portrait. Your custom photography should be displayed as art! Because it is!

* The photographs are square. I believe that square images have this incredibly unique way of both standing out, and also brings your focus in on what the artist behind the camera really wants you to see.

* The color of the wall behind this display really accentuates the silver cable and clips. It looks very sleek and modern.

* It’s not trendy. Well it is. But it isn’t. Hear me out. I love vintage themes and displays. I love antiques. I will even feature a few in this series. But when it comes to my favorites in home decor choices, I always lean towards what is timeless above what is a current trend.

* The display is fairly inexpensive. A thin hanging cable and metal clips can be purchased at a local hardware store like Lowes, or a home furnishing outlet such as Ikea.


I want you involved! Are you a Pinterest lover for finding great ideas like this? I would love to see what you find on different websites for creatively displaying your photographs. Tag me on Pinterest, leave the URL in the comments here, or contact me.

Even more so, if the idea comes from your own home, send me an image! I would love to feature great fits in this series!


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Happy Friday!!


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