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Phew, it has been a WHIRLWIND of a week! I arrived home from the Annapolis Creative at Heart Conference with a journal overflowing with business ideas and things I wanted to make better in my brand. (one of the best things about attending big conferences like that! I’ll be sharing more about speaking and my experience at the conference here soon!) However, the first morning home, when I sat down to start all these new action items- my computer decided to go all wonky, so I dropped it off for repair. The worst!

(Psst…You can read more about my computer crash plan HERE! )

An entire week went by, and then the decision came. Do I invest half of what I paid for my computer to try and fix it, or invest in a new one? It was not an easy decision by any means, but I decided the right move was to invest in a new one, as a well working computer is a VITAL part of my business. I was so grateful to have been able to borrow a friend’s computer to help me answer email, send out my Honeybook contracts for new summer clients- but man wasn’t I relieved to see those pretty Adobe Icons load to my computer when I set it up yesterday! I’m so lost without Photoshop and InDesign in my business! (And thanks to the extremely talented Elle & Co– I will be finally learning Adobe Illustrator this month!)

But despite the computer setback, I definitely kept busy! This weekend I photographed new head shots for the lovely Kleigh O. Photos, who is working a brand new website- and I also photographed this dreamy maternity session on the coast of Cape Elizabeth! It was SO freezing, but these two didn’t show it. I sent off the black & white film from this session earlier this week and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see the images when they return!

Now that I have InDesign back at my fingertips, I am working hard on a brand new resource that will fit so perfectly alongside my Portrait Session Planning Guide template! I am so excited to share about it with you guys! These next couple days are jam packed as I play catch up here in the office, and get packed to jet off to Atlanta for the Pursuit Community Conference!

Stay tuned for more of this coastal maternity session!


Portland Maine Film Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n

No the Hasselblad isn’t for sale- my Canon 5D Mark II is! But my Hasselblad is a big reason WHY my Mark 2 is for sale in the first place. For about a year now, I have begun to incorporate medium format film in all of my motherhood & family portrait work. I upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark III a couple years ago, so my Mark II has just been sitting in my office not being used at all for QUITE some time now! My reasoning to keep it has been that it was a “just in case” backup to have in my bag, but now that I show up with my film camera as well, I have decided that it’s time for the Mark II to find a new home. I will soon be posting about it in local and social media camera gear selling groups, but I thought I would simply share with you guys first!

Just writing about all the “Marks” in my life reminds me of the first year that my good friend and author Hannah Brencher spoke at Pursuit Community Conference- a conference with a large photographer attendance. She left the lunch room one day asking, “No really, who is Mark?” Makes me laugh overtime I remember that! Ah, photography language. 

My Canon 5D Mark II Body was just recently cleaned professionally and is in great working condition. I also have a battery grip available to purchase with it, or separately. Shutter count and detailed information is available upon inquiry at tiffany@tiffanyfarley.com.

Mentoring Sessions with Yarmouth Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n

I always walk away from a business conference or inspirational workshop with so many new ideas! After Creative at Heart in Annapolis, one of the biggest decisions I came home with was how to differently structure my mentoring sessions for the next season ahead. After a couple heart to heart conversations, and some big clarity brainstorming when I got home, I am now so excited about the “micro changes” that I think will provide “macro results” in this well loved area of my business!

One of the first changes I recently made before the conference was making sure each photographer received a tangible welcome from me this year- so I had these beautiful journals hand scripted for brainstorming and dreaming. I am absolutely over the moon about how they came out. (Calligraphy by the talented Script Merchant.)

The second new change is becoming more strict with myself on how many photographers I mentor each month. Although I have done much better at this than in years past, I have such desire to help others that sometimes I sacrifice my own boundaries of schedule to make it happen. I will now be working with no more than two photographers per month. This will provide each of those photographers with more of my attention and focus, and also keep my schedule in balance with all the other roles I have in my business.

I have made a few other exciting changes in the structure of these sessions as well, and would love to chat with you about it if you feel this mentoring experience could be what you are looking for. I have worked with over 40 photographers one on one in the past few years, and love helping other photographers with their brand message, client experience, pricing, offering prints and albums in a branded way, marketing, and more! I am currently booking the two per month sessions for June, July, and August 2016 and am happy to provide more detailed information upon inquiry at tiffany@tiffanyfarley.com or directly on my website.