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What better way to start Mother’s Day week than with a GIVEAWAY!?! Sarah Wells Bags has just released her brand new “Abby” style, and it’s perfect for a spring & summer look! Sarah Wells designs her functional tote bags specifically with the nursing mama in mind. When it came time to photograph the bag for this giveaway, we decided a coastal look along the docks of Freeport Maine was the perfect fit!

Freeport Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n

The “Abby” features on-trend color blocking with professional styling and countless functional components (100% genuine leather comfort handles & cross-body strap, inside and outside pockets), this bag will carry everything you need for pumping on the go and more.

Here are a few more features about the “Abby”:

* Stylish, durable, quality, easy-to-clean microfiber with 100% genuine leather shoulder straps, cross-body strap and logo patch accent in your choice of teal & charcoal or pink & marine blue.

* Fits portable pumps including: Medela Pump in Style (with or without a case) and Freestyle, Hygeia, Freemie, Spectra, Ardo and Ameda.

* Thermally-lined pockets on both sides of the bag for breast pump, accessories and pumped milk (which will keep cold within the pocket for up to 6 hours with ice packs) – plus two photo pouches to see your little one(s) while pumping.

* All-in-one functionality and sized perfectly to carry everything you need for pumping, plus a laptop and more!

* Helpful exterior slip pocket for train card and phone, interior zip and two tufted pockets for everything else!  Freeport Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n Freeport Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n Freeport Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n Freeport Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n

Now you have a chance at WINNING this bag!! ($180 value!!) Simply head to my Instagram, follow my account, and tag three friends who would love to win. I’ll be picking a random winner on Friday!

Want to see more about the brand new “Abby” in pink? Head on over to my girl Lauren McBride’s blog today!

Want to learn more purchasing your own? Head to the Sarah Wells site HERE!

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Last weekend I met this beautiful family on the coast of Cape Elizabeth for one of my first outdoor family portrait sessions of the year. It wasn’t their first time in front of my camera though. When I was living in Connecticut, my first morning in a big Connecticut church, not knowing anyone, in my row sat two brand new parents, nervously cradling this incredibly tiny, striped pajama wearing bundle. I had no idea sitting next to them that Sunday that I would soon pursue a passion for photography, let alone have the honor of preserving memories for that very family for years to come. That little bundle I met that morning is now so grown and such a joy to be around.

Our last session was when this little girl was born, she was just a few weeks old! We have both moved to Maine over the years, and we took advantage of warmer spring weather here and headed to the coast. I’ll be sharing more of this family portrait session next week! This favorite image here was photographed on medium format black and white film, using my Hasselblad. Stay tuned to see more!

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A Letter to the Brand New Mama

Exhausted beyond description. As overwhelmed as you are overjoyed. Entirely elated. And entirely emotional about EVERYTHING.

Perhaps fearful that you’re already doing it wrong. That you won’t be enough for her. That you won’t be enough for him.

Perhaps feeling guilty that you aren’t sliding into this new lifestyle as quickly or as easily as you thought you would, because truthfully it’s nothing at all like what you expected. Or what you were told. Or what you prepared for. Or how it was for her.

Andrea 010P i nPerhaps you are already feeling left out. Feeling stuck at home, while at the same time desiring to go no where at all. Caught in the tension of what your days must look like now. Quietly comparing your motherhood to hers.

Perhaps disappointed in the honesty of admitting this is nothing like your Pinterest board. Dreams of perfectly folded linens now overshadowed with crumpled piles of used burp cloths both clean and used, and more laundry than you ever thought possible to accumulate.

Portland Maine Black and White Film Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i n

I just wanted to send you a little reminder this morning that you are enough. That you are all she needs. That you are all he needs. And you know what, it may feel scary sometimes. You may doubt your instincts more than you trust them. But you’re doing just fine. You’re going to be just fine.

I often photograph brand new mothers. Each different. Each facing different struggles of a terrifyingly new season. Each facing their own real life version of a life they pinned.

I don’t encourage brand new mothers to be in photographs during this time because your life is perfectly beautiful. You aren’t the focus of my work and the art I create because you have it all together. Or because you’re doing it better than others.
Coastal Maine Newborn Photography by Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i nYou’re in these photographs for her. For him. And for you. When you choose to be in the photographs you not only choose what matters most now, but you choose what matters most in 50 years. And honestly folded cream and grey linens have nothing to do with that story. 
Portland Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i nI have never photographed a mother with her baby, brand new or years old, who has ever expressed her sincere regret. Who wished she didn’t have that black and white photograph of the two of them. Those cherished portraits of her motherhood.

I have however, met many women who regretted their choice of saying no. So many stories of mothers I have met, who said they wish they knew then just how much they would change if they could go back. Who vulnerably shared that they felt too overwhelmed to even consider professional photographs after their little one was born and now have next to none. Who chose to only photograph their baby, and never any of the two of them, or the three of them as brand new family. Who didn’t feel beautiful enough, or worthy enough to ask for more.


Portland Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comP i nThis matters. YOU matter. To the story, and to your family. Be in the photographs.