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An online space to share my recent photography work, travel & life adventures, a behind the scenes look at running a creative business, resources for photographers, and my heart as an artist who is passionate for creating honest work that matters. If this is your first visit, you can learn more about myself as a photographer, as well the details of booking my motherhood and family portrait work over on my main website.

Whether you're a mother deciding who will photograph the ones you love most in the world, a like-minded creative business owner, or simply a friend- it's my hope that through this blog you will always find inspiration, education, and encouragement.  

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Rye New York Maternity, Newborn, and Baby Photography Tiffany Farley,

“There’s no art I would rather hang on my walls, to look at every day, than beautiful pictures of my family.”

As I walked through her home for the first time this morning to begin our indoor session together, I counted more than 12 framed portraits of our previous sessions adorning their walls, most of which I had professionally matted & framed for her over the past few years.

I paused and smiled with such a grateful heart as I caught a glimpse of each and every one. As she was rocking her newest, tiny addition to sleep in her arms, she told me those words.

How there was no art they could ever buy that would be more meaningful to her than her family photographs I had taken.

What an absolute dream to photograph mothers & families who deeply value every part of their client experience with me. Who greatly cherish what I have the honor of doing for a living. Who teach me so much about what is truly worth fighting for in this life.

This weekend’s in-home sessions were so incredibly rewarding. I cannot wait to share more when I receive the black and white film scans!

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Yarmouth Maine Maternity, Newborn, and Baby Photographer Tiffany Farley,

New Year…fresh online spaces! Woo! I am so excited to share a big refresh for my blog here, and even a few small updates over on my main website!

For the last few years now, I have completed all of my website updates & refreshes myself. While there is most definitely a place for hiring a professional, learning how to adjust my own website has been such a beneficial investment of my time- as it allows me to make needed changes on my own timeline. While it may still be on my big picture goal list to hand my brand over to an extremely talented graphic designer for a start to finish presentation, I currently have other investments that are priority in 2017, and I am ok with that! Learning new things that will help grow your business can feel overwhelming if you let it, but I always remind myself that I never used to understand a single bit of photoshop either- but I worked at it, watched video tutorials, and slowly learned. I just wanted to share this to encourage you if you’re just starting out, or if you’re feeling like you just aren’t ready to make the large financial investment of a professional designer. There are plenty of places to start out until you’re ready!

My blog got a major facelift thanks to the new ProPhoto 6 update! I have been a ProPhoto for WordPress user for my blog since almost the very beginning. While it may not always have the shiniest new features, the SEO is just unmatched for me. Perhaps it’s because I have been using it for so long, perhaps it’s because I feel confident in how to optimize on this specific platform- but regardless, my client’s ability to find me through their Google searches is something I am not definitely not willing to sacrifice. I would say I have updated my ProPhoto version a few different times now, about every 1-2 years. This was the first update however that REALLY changed the game. It wasn’t just an update, it was a entire new interface to design with!

I am pretty far from having a tech brain, but what I do know, is that I had far more freedom and options in my design and layout (without using any custom css coding), and that my blog is now much more optimized for mobile viewing! Knowing that a lot of my traffic comes from places like Instagram, this was a really important element for me. (As Gary Vaynerchuck says, our phones are the remote control of our life!)

While it’s all fresh in my mind, I was thinking of writing a more detailed post about my experience with ProPhoto 6- the things I really liked, the things that were a bit of a hassle, and also maybe how I would have approached the new design differently if I had to go back and do it again. If that’s a post you would be interested in reading, leave me a comment below! I only want to write it if you’re interested in learning about it.

My main website is hosted on Squarespace. This was a decision I made last year when I knew I wanted both a portfolio site, as well as a blog. I think the simple design, and art focused presentation fits my brand well, so not too much changed over there, just a few design refreshes! It feels SO good to have this project complete and a fresh update for the new year!

I’m happy that you’re here and browsing around! 2017 is going to be the best year yet!


Image shown by Justin & Mary


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  • tamsen

    Would love to read more about how ProPhoto worked for you!!ReplyCancel

  • I have thought about switching my blog to WordPress so I’d love to hear more about it!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Just beautiful! Happy NEW Year <3ReplyCancel

  • Jeff

    Yes, definitely interested in more detail on your Prophoto 6 experience. I recently switched from Showit back to Prophoto in fall 2016 and really, really like it. I’m just scratching the surface though. ReplyCancel

It’s hard to stand out in the creative industry. So many creatives are running similar businesses- and a lot of the times it is just so hard to stand out in the crowd. With online technology, affordable website templates, endless workshops & courses available at our fingertips, and even social media- it’s easier than ever to have a business that looks a lot like everyone else’s, and if you’re not careful not really enough like…yours.

Portland Maine Maternity and Neborn Photographer Tiffany farley,

It wasn’t too long into my photography business building venture that I started to learn the power of the word brand. Like many, at first, it was all about the visuals. It was the colors on my website. The design of my logo. The stamps and the fonts. You know…the pretty things.

I then began to learn that “brand” could go beyond visual, and that it could be a feeling. A brand experience. It was about the feel of the packaging, and the way a client felt when she opened her prints, the feeling she got when she viewed my photographs, the way a client felt when receiving an email from me, the way I made my client feel during her session with me.

How a brand looks, and how a brand feels- are very important. They are not quick to create- and certainly not developed overnight. But a brand has even more to offer your business.

A voice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of a brand voice- and often because I see it as a missing piece on a lot of websites & blogs. Many of the photographers I have mentored over the years have struggled with booking their ideal clients, and building their “tribe” & brand community- and I think that a clear brand voice is often what’s missing.

I recently had a conversation with my friend Hannah Brencher. She’s an insanely talented author & speaker, a creative copy writer, she’s given a TED talk, and has one of the most loyal group of blog readers that exist. I asked her about this idea of HOW to build your brand voice. Because it’s easy to pick out who has one, but it’s harder to figure out how to get there yourself.

Simple,” she said. “It has to REALLY matter to you.

You see, people aren’t going to read your blog, your monthly email “newsletter”, or feel remotely connected to your social media posts…if it doesn’t really REALLY matter to you. You have to mean what you say. And talk to your audience from the deep places of your core values, and what you really believe in.

You have to bleed it “, she said. “A voice will only come from people who have something to say.

What do you have to say? What do you care about so much in your business that it may as well be the blood running through your veins. What really, really, really matters to you?

Portland Maine Maternity and Neborn Photographer Tiffany farley,


Is it knowing what it feels like to have a loved one pass away with zero photographs to remember them by? Is it how you felt walking through a marriage that was crumbling, and how you came out the other side? Is it how motherhood radically and completely changed your life that you can’t help but see how beautiful it is- even when she thinks it’s messy? Is it the first time you saw artwork on the wall and you FELT something you never had experienced before- a feeling you want to share with the world? Is it growing up in a family that didn’t value each other, so much so that spreading individual worth is your life’s mission in everything you create?

Whatever THAT is for you.

That’s your brand voice. Building it is knowing what it is that matters to you. Building it is consistently, bravely, vulnerably, authentically, and honestly sharing it again and again and again. Building it is creating work FROM that very place inside you. Building it is not caring if anyone else ever shows up, and saying it anyway.

Because it matters.


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