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An online space to share my recent photography work, travel & life adventures, a behind the scenes look at running a creative business, resources for photographers, and my heart as an artist who is passionate for creating honest work that matters. If this is your first visit, you can learn more about myself as a photographer, as well the details of booking my motherhood and family portrait work over on my main website.

Whether you're a mother deciding who will photograph the ones you love most in the world, a like-minded creative business owner, or simply a friend- it's my hope that through this blog you will always find inspiration, education, and encouragement.  

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Portland, Yarmouth, Freeport Maine Newborn and Baby Photographer Tiffany Farley,

The tiniest Valentine….

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Instagram Schedule App Planoly,

I started using Planoly, formerly called Planogram, a little over a year ago now- and I cannot IMAGINE running my business without it now!

Instagram is key platform for marketing for me. I love to share images of my work, and connect with my followers there. But it’s also a huge time sucker if you’re not careful! I don’t know about you, but I need all the productivity help I can get. One of my huge goals for 2017 was to get more done well, in less time, so I can have more personal time away from my desk!

I currently manage THREE different Instagram accounts, and it’s a lot of work! Planoly was the game changer for me, so if you’r feeling really overwhelmed by trying to keep up with Instagram posts listen up!

Using Planoly allows me too:

  • Upload all of my planned content right from my computer. (don’t worry- there’s still an app for your phone!) 
  • Visualize my content with a grid, so I can get a good look at what images look well paired together. As an artist, my grid presentation is important to me!
  • Post content consistently and thoughtfully. Instead of always interrupting what I am working on to make a post, I am able to schedule batch scheduling during my week so I hardly have to think about it! When it’s time for a post to go live, I get a notification that takes literally 2 seconds to post.
  • Keep a library of images I plan to post later, so if I take a mobile picture with my phone and know that I will want to share it soon, I can upload it to Planoly as a draft to work with later.
  • PLAN MY STORIES! This is a brand new update that I am so in love with. Yes, I definitely believe there is a value of using the Instagram Stories in a “live” way- but I also share other images there too, and this allows me to plan ahead. When you are working with other vendors who need to be properly credited like we do at The Fount Collective, this allows me to plan their Instagram Story posts at the same time as their blog feature- saving me so much time! I’ve included their how to video so you can see how this new update works!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this platform, but you know it’s an incredible fit for your business marketing, get in a system in your life and in your week that takes away the overwhelm and makes it a part of your workflow like any other steps. Planoly is hands down one of my FAVORITE business tools to stay on top of my game.

If you’re looking for other business tools to stay organized, you can read about my post on how much I adore using Honeybook HERE!

Tools for Scheduling and Managing your Instagram Account

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Portland, Yarmouth, Freeport Maine In Home Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley,

I loved photographing this beautiful in-home newborn session for a special project! I wish I could share more, but it will have to stay secret for now! We celebrated baby number four, and got as many of those sweet tiny babe kisses on black and white film as possible. I love in home newborn sessions for so many reasons. It allows the family to have a more restful morning by not having to pack up, thinking of everything they may need for a session elsewhere. It allows them to be comfortable in their own home, and for the photographs to be even more meaningful as they will also remember the very first house they brought their baby home to. They are always so special! I can’t wait to share more of this session!

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