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I am flying back from the most incredible, heart exploding week near Atlanta Georgia for The Fount Workshop, a unique workshop for photographers of motherhood that I host alongside my amazing creative team, Rylee Hitchner Photography, and Abany of Brown Linen Design. I absolutely cannot wait to share more about the behind the scenes, and just how much it truly blew me away. We had SUCH a wonderful, kind, and thoughtful group of attendees- and our stay at the lovely Serenbe was like a dream world!

I can’t wait to get all the film back from this past week. I’ll be sharing more soon, so stay tuned! It’s back to home on the Maine coast just in time for Memorial Day weekend!

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Today begins the biggest week of my entire year! The Fount Workshop begins tomorrow evening! This year we will be tucking away at the gorgeous Serenbe, just outside of Atlanta Georgia.

As someone who photographs motherhood & family, I spent years seeing all of these beautiful workshops for photographers around the world- beautifully detailed and incredibly inspiring- but they were all focused on the wedding industry. I wanted to grow in my craft, and grow as an artist- but I couldn’t seem to find a workshop that offered what I was looking for. So alongside the most incredible creative team- Rylee Hitchner and Abany Bauer of Brown Linen Design– The Fount Workshop was born. It’s unlike anything out there, and I am beside myself to be a part of it!

I will be back to share more about our week, but I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises! Be sure to follow along Instagram, and behind the scenes on Snapchat! (“tiffanyfarley”)

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Image via Entertainment Weekly (Everett Collection)

This is the moment my heart explodes into a thousand pieces. I AM COMING TO PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND!!! If I am being honest with you, I can barely catch my breath even typing this I am just so excited! I will be spending an entire week on the beautiful Prince Edward Island, home of my favorite storybooks & movie, Anne of Green Gables this August. (just two weeks before flying to Iceland! Ahh! I mean, what is this amazing life?!?!)

I will have limited additional openings to photograph families there during my stay, so I need your help in spreading the word! If you, or someone you know would be interested in maternity, newborn, or family portraits during my stay, please connect at tiffany@tiffanyfarley.com.

In the meantime I will be starting an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon, while purchasing loads of film online! I absolutely cannot wait!!!