The Collective Folio

Is there anything more exciting then when the delivery guy rings the doorbell?! Squeal!!!

I have been SO beyond excited to show you this beautiful new signature product for quite some time. It took a great deal of searching for the perfect way to display your session’s images, and once I found it I was determined to make it part of my new brand.

Think about it, you take the time to book me and plan your incredible custom session. Perhaps you buy a new outfit, or get your hair and makeup done. You rearrange your schedule to take the day off to be photographed with one of the most important people in your life. It’s a great experience, leaving you with memories to take with you as you remember this day. You ask yourself throughout the day, why you never made the effort to invest in custom photography before, as it far exceeds your expectations. Then comes the sneak peak. Maybe it’s on the blog, or you see your personal website with a slideshow. You tear up. You forward the link to all your family and friends. You could not be more excited.

But then what? Just to get a disc?

Do you know how many past clients I have talked to admitted to never even printing their own pictures? That the disc got lost, or is just collecting dust somewhere. The same clients who shrieked with excitement over how happy they were the results. Trust me, I am guilty of it too. Pictures get downloaded on my computer, shared on Facebook, and then I forget about them. How sad!

This will all be changing as I launch the new business this summer. This is one of the ways I will be offering your portraits.

Introducing The Collective Folio.

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Each folio is hand crafted with an elegant style and exquisite accent ribbon. Inside the folio, you will find your selected Fine Art 8×8 Portraits each matted in a 10×10 natural museum board mat. Perfect for framing, giving as gifts, or simply stored as a beautiful keepsake. The folio stands upright, ideal for sliding on a bookshelf, or lays flat to accent a coffee table, much like an album.

The Collective Folios are available for purchase at a special introductory price with all portrait sessions booked for May and June. Imagine surprising your Mom, Grandmother, Sister, or Wife with a custom styled photography session and this beautiful folio as a gift. Be sure to contact me to schedule, as the months are filling up quickly.

Happy Monday Friends!



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