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I am flying back from the most incredible, heart exploding week near Atlanta Georgia for The Fount Workshop, a unique workshop for photographers of motherhood that I host alongside my amazing creative team, Rylee Hitchner Photography, and Abany of Brown Linen Design. I absolutely cannot wait to share more about the behind the scenes, and […]

How beautiful my job is. What an absolute honor to frame motherhood through my lens, season after season. Each incredible woman teaching me something brand new about the unconditional love, sacrifice, and privilege of bearing the name ‘mama”. I have photographed so many miracles over the past few years. Babies that were so long prayed […]

It has been a busy week around here! I found out that I will have the opportunity to return to ICELAND, I have been hard at work on a brand new resource for portrait photographers, the Fount workshop is almost here and so I am getting all the details together for that, and there have […]