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An online space to share my recent photography work, travel & life adventures, a behind the scenes look at running a creative business, resources for photographers, and my heart as an artist who is passionate for creating honest work that matters. If this is your first visit, you can learn more about myself as a photographer, as well the details of booking my motherhood and family portrait work over on my main website.

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It’s an exciting Monday morning! The blog got a bit of a facelift, and I have a FREE EBOOK created for photographers!

I believe any creative business owner can benefit from this content when the truth is applied to your own unique field, but it’s written specifically using examples from my personal experience as a photographer. This FREE EBOOK details Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Website to Book More Of What You Love. Book More of What You Love, A Free Ebook By Maine Motherhood Photographer Tiffany Farley

When I started my business, like many, I was eagerly willing to photograph anyone and everyone that asked. I was truly the jane of all trades and master of none. I don’t regret starting out that way, because it gave me a ton of experience. A few years ago now, as “specialism” soon became the buzz word in the industry, I found myself so drawn to everything I could learn about this idea of only photographing what made me happy, what brought me fulfillment, and ultimately what would really grow my business. I was so burned out on trying to be the photographer for everyone, and I desperately needed a change.

The thought of a client being the perfect fit for me, in the same way that my clients would feel that I was the perfect photographer for them- well it sounded like a dream! Paying attention to these three questions is what gets me closer to it every single day. My business isn’t perfect, but I can confidently share that I have worked with many clients in the past couple years that were the BEST fit for me and my brand. And when that happens? I not only create the work and the art that I am most proud of, but I feel joy in being a photographer. I feel like my hard work has a much deeper purpose because I am able to create from a place of fulfillment. 

Are you frustrated that you don’t seem to be booking the clients and sessions that you dream of photographing? Do you find yourself saying yes to sessions or weddings that weren’t a good fit for you, over and over again? Ever wonder what to change to start attracting your ideal clients? Goodness, I know I’ve been there! 

When you start to think about this idea of booking more of what you love, it’s often followed by questions such as “Where do I even start?” or “What can I do to make that happen?”

This FREE EBOOK starts at the beginning, right on your website. The very first place that potential clients come into contact with your brand, see your work, and ultimately decide whether or not they want to work with you. If you are wanting to book more of what you love, this FREE EBOOK will ask you three questions about your website that will provide you with the action steps you need to take to see a difference. If you don’t yet have a website, it’s still a great resource because you can build your future one with these three questions in mind!

I sent this FREE EBOOK over to a few photographers to see what they thought and here is what they had to say!

“This FREE ebook by Tiffany Farley is a must-have for any photographer at any level!  It will give you real actions steps for three major questions to ask yourself about what your website communicates and how to book more of what you love while shifting your thinking and challenging you to answer important questions that Tiffany provides to get results and deepen your client experience!  This guide blew me away with how packed it is full of valuable content, advice, tips, and secrets Tiffany openly shares. It will eliminate the confusion of where to start and will create clear, tangible next steps to help grow your business or take it to the next level! Whether you are creating your website or in need of a refresh, this is a must read!   – Anne Miller of Anne Miller Photography | Hartford, CT

“This ebook is an excellent and valuable resource for photographers just starting out or wanting to revamp their business but aren’t sure where to start. It’s clear and concise with step by step actions for creating YOUR unique brand, honing in on YOUR niche, and building a successful business booking what YOU want to shoot. Take my word for it as someone who has built a business over the past three years: life is much too short to spend it photographing sessions that you don’t truly love. There are so many photographers out there who simply tell others to do exactly what they do for guaranteed business success and don’t encourage or value individual uniqueness. Tiffany truly understands that every photographer and business are different, and her guide is genuinely written with this in mind rather than as a “one size fits all, just do as I do and you’ll be successful” solution.”- Lauren Ridge of Lily Sophia Photography | Atlanta, GA

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this, and hear how this material has helped you to start booking more of what you love as you get your website ready for the new year! Download your FREE EBOOK HERE!!!

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In Home Newborn Photography by Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comThe study of being an introvert versus an extrovert (and everything in between) absolutely fascinates me. I suppose it’s mostly because for years growing up I would feel guilty that I couldn’t keep up with my extroverted friends. That I was always tired trying to “go go go” like they did. It was so frustrating.

Then somewhere along the way, I read an article about the signs that you’re an introvert. And I was glued to the screen because I felt like this person was like, let’s write an article about Tiffany. 

“YES!! I have to RECHARGE at home!”

“YES!! Hearing my phone ring makes me jump out of my skin!”

“YES!! That kind of social situation drains my energy so quickly!!”

“YES!! Small talk makes me want to poke my eyes out! Give me the real conversations about what matters!!”

There was a lot of “YES!!” as I read it that first time, and knew that I needed not take any online quiz to solidify that I was indeed an introvert. Check, check, check.

I left home 11 days ago. I would be driving to Hartford, flying out to Charleston the next morning, then back to Connecticut for a stretch of 5 portrait sessions in 3 days. And truthfully, I was exhausted before I had even left. And it wasn’t just a kind of tired that a good night’s sleep or two would remedy. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted too.

Running a business is not just physically exhausting- but when you are the only one who is responsible for keeping it afloat- for the marketing, the ordering, the communicating, the product creating, the bill paying…the exhaustion from all of THAT can creep up on you.

I shared a picture of a yummy almond milk latte I picked up at this charming little coffee shop just off Sullivan’s Island that my step-sister took me the morning before I flew home. Sharing about the rest of my upcoming travel in the caption, someone responded, “Well, aren’t you just living the life!”

And there was so much truth to her statement. Never in a million years did I think I would be invited to Charleston to attend a creative entrepreneur conference, that I would then be speaking at the following Spring. When I started taking family pictures for friends, never on my horizon did I envision traveling the country to do the same for others. So yes, in so many ways, this IS incredible and I definitely do not take a moment of it for granted.

But I made sure to immediately respond to her comment to remember that what I share on social media is the highlight reel. Because what she didn’t see, was that on the way to Charleston, the flight next to my gate was boarding for Portland Maine, and I had to choke back unexpected tears because I was so tired and just wanted to be home. Sometimes, in the midst of a job I love so so much, and opportunities that blow my mind, that’s just the real life part of it.

As I pack the car up this morning, with a hard drive jam packed with images from beautiful family and newborn portrait sessions this past week, from all over Connecticut, Charleston, and even New York- I am so grateful. What a blessing it is to document mamas loving on their babies no matter their age, and no matter where they live. As I start this Thanksgiving week, I do truly give thanks for my business and the art it lets me create on a near daily basis. It is so fulfilling and meaningful to me.

But after another 11 days away from home,  I am so incredibly thrilled to be photographing my next few newborn portrait sessions locally in Maine! A benefit of traveling and spending so much time in the car and in flight, especially following a conference like Creative at Heart, is that it provides me with the empty space to think creatively, and I am so excited to release some new things here for photographers in the next coming months! Eek, Stay tuned!

For more information on the Creative at Heart Conference in Annapolis that I will be speaking at, be sure to click HERE!

If you’re an email subscriber, you heard that Black Friday is landing early! My inbox is already exploding with creatives who are ready to stand in line! Need new head shots? Wanting to start the year with a mentoring session? Just a handful of spots are going to be available at a significant discount just one day this week. And by the look of my inbox, the sale may not even last an hour!

Want the details too? Want to be sure you get the email when the exclusive sale goes live? Subscribe HERE!

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Yarmouth Maine Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley,

It has been a whirlwind of a week! From spending a few days in Charleston, South Carolina- photographing a beautiful family on the coast of Sullivan’s Island, then attending the Creative At Heart Conference, flying to Hartford, Connecticut and photographing 5 portrait sessions in 3 days! I have been all over this weekend, Branford, New Canaan, Litchfield, and today I am headed back down to Rye, New York! This has involved lots of coffee! 🙂 I just loved this portrait of Lauren and her newborn baby girl Noelle. I cannot wait to send the film off from her in home newborn portrait session!

I have so many exciting things in the works as we end 2015 and ring in the new year. I think long car drives and flights give me lots of good time to think and plan, and I cannot wait for when I can share about the big things that are coming!

First up, the “Black Friday” sale details just went out to email subscribers, and my inbox is already exploding with creatives who are ready to stand in line! Need new head shots? Wanting to start the year with a mentoring session? Just a handful of spots are going to be available at a significant discount just one day this week. And by the look of my inbox, the sale may not even last an hour!

Want the details too? Want to be sure you get the email when the exclusive sale goes live? Subscribe HERE!

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To learn more about booking your Maine Maternity, Newborn, or Family Portrait Session, or the popular Motherhood Collective, contact Tiffany via the Connect link in the menu, or email directly at TIFFANY@TIFFANYFARLEY.COM

Tiffany is local to the Portland, Maine area and is currently booking late Fall and Winter Sessions.

Tiffany Farley frequently travels for maternity, newborn, and family portrait sessions and has clients from Bar Harbor to San Francisco.  To find out details regarding her upcoming travel dates to a city near you- including Acadia National Park, Annapolis MD, NYC, or to book a custom travel session, please contact for more information.


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