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This weekend was my first big traveling trip of the year, as I drove from my home in Southern Maine to Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York for a packed weekend of newborn portrait sessions. Many of you know that I was a live in nanny in New Haven for almost 5 years before going full time with my photography business and making the move to Yarmouth Maine. I can hardly believe this September will mark two years since the move! Last year, I was traveling A LOT to Connecticut for portrait sessions, and through experience got better at packing, and figuring out what I needed on the road to make life a bit easier. (Like a cooler in my car for fruit and easy to grab snacks!)

I stayed focused the weeks leading up to my trip, knowing how traveling can make my todo list seem extra daunting upon return! The last thing I wanted was to lose the momentum I had begun to really make, in consistently maintaining tasks in my business- things like keeping up with blog posts, my email newsletters, and social media feeds. You know, all the other tasks that you do so that you CAN go out and photograph sessions all weekend. The tasks that build the brand awareness and bring in the bookings.

A huge goal for me this year is to not spend so much time maintaining my business, that I never have time to step back and dream a little bigger- create that bigger project, or launch that new resource. In other words, to create room to grow!!

My word of 2016 as I shared in January is “Well”. I want to do 2016 WELL in so many things, and yet even after weeks of hard work in the office, I still left home feeling like things weren’t quite as “done” as I would have liked them to be. BUT… I am giving myself the permission to miss perfection by a mile. Because “done” isn’t always a clearly defined destination. In fact, as a business owner, truly “done” is often mythical…We can always add more to our list! I am still trying to find my sweet spot of intentional hustle and intentional rest– and sometimes it’s not perfect, and that’s ok.

This morning I photographed a dreamy in-home newborn portrait session in Madison, NJ. For the first time, I photographed with much more film than I did digital, and it has me on the edge of my seat to see the film scans. I will be sending them in first thing Monday, as tomorrow I have a second newborn session in Rye, NY. It’s a full weekend!


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Goodness, how wonderful this season of being home has been for me! January and February were spent mostly home here in Maine, and after SO much traveling last Fall, it was so needed! I have been spending the better part of these past two months catching up in the office, setting up better systems for 2016, launching brand new resources for photographers, planning the behind the scenes details for The Fount Workshop, scheming and dreaming of brand new things to create this year, meeting with local printers to find the best fit for The Fount Collective’s brand new Annual Printed Volume, and especially in the last few weeks I have been focused on preparing my presentations at the Creative at Heart Conference AND the Pursuit Community Conference!

This week begins a full Spring Season for me, as I head off to photograph newborn sessions in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. (oh and even a couple head shot sessions for photographers!) I will be back to photograph a brand new little one here in Portland, Maine- and then it’s off to Annapolis for Creative at Heart! And this is just March! 

If you are not local to the Coast of Maine and are interested in working with me for photographing your maternity and newborn portraits, or if you’re a photographer looking to connect for one on one mentoring or new head shots to refresh your brand- my travel schedule is provided to the right in my blog sidebar. International destinations are in the works, so I will be sure to keep you posted on those as well, as soon as more concrete details are finalized.

I am SO excited to jump into 2016!!!

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Last week a brand new bulk order of my 2016 Portrait Session Planning Guides arrived and they are so beautiful! I will be sending all my new clients who book a session with me this magazine style guide that will walk them through every detail of what to expect, how to begin planning for their session, who to use for professional makeup and hair styling, what to have ready on the day of their session, what to wear and where to shop- AND details and images of every print and product I offer, so that after the session the ordering process is SO convenient, simple, and easy. I work with busy Moms- their schedule and needs are my primary concern! 

And Honestly? It really comes down to recognizing that when the mothers I work with feel prepared and know exactly what to expect in their portrait session with me, it leaves room for me to create my very best work. Clients show up to the session feeling fully educated & excited, and not panicked or stressed. Mothers breathe deeper, and trust me so much more. And that right there- directly effects the quality of images I am able to create- which is really why they hired me in the first place!

I could not provide this as well without my printed session planning guides that I send to clients after booking in their welcome package. I have recently made this resource available for photographers to purchase as a fully customizable template, with much of my own written content included!! That’s right, included are my own session tips, my own client education on what to wear, and more! If client education was your biggest struggle last year, or if you struggle with how to word session planning, then you definitely should check this out and see if it’s a good fit for you!!

Learn more about the Portrait Session Planning Guide Template HERE!!